Engineering plastics with excellent physical properties


Perfectly adapted polymer alloys

Reduced Density

Reduced density polymer compounds for automotive and other applications

Plastics Solutions

Your own compound - tailor made by PENTAC

Our tailor made compounds set international standards

PENTAC Polymer GmbH´s product portfolio consists of semicrystalline engineering thermoplastics.

Besides the standard grades, e.g. non reinforced, impact modified or glass fiber reinforced materials, we offer following specialities:

  • modified, easy-flow grades
  • special mineral reinforced materials
  • surface improved compounds
  • hybrid reinforced formulations
  • hydrolysis resistant products
  • grades for friction bearings
  • polyamide and polyester ReCompounds complying with EU directive for cars at life end


Quite a few of our polymer compounds are available as

  • laser markable
  • weight reduced
  • flame retardant

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