PENTAC Polymer GmbH has been developing and manufacturing tailor made products for more than 30 years. Our customers come first, they benefit from our long-term experience in high-end compounds which fulfill all requirements of a steadily challenging market.


What are High-Performance-Compounds?

High-Performance-Compounds are specially developed High-Performance Polymer Compounds based on either PA-4.6, Polyphthalamides (PPA) or a combination of PA-6.6+PPA, perfectly suitable for applications requiring high heat deflection temperatures and or chemical resistance. PENTAC’s High-Performance-Compounds do not only offer a higher melting point and crystallinity but are also closing the gap between the engineering plastics PA-6 & PA-6.6 and cost-intensive high-performance polymers like PPS and PEEK.

The polymer blending of PA-6.6 and PPA results in extremely stiff compounds suitable for metal substitution. The characteristics profiles can be tailored exactly to the requirements by the addition of further chemical stabilizers and additives.


Product portfolio of High-Performanve-Compounds

The focus for PENTAC is always the customer and his requests. It is of our upmost importance to satisfy your requirements using our longtime experience in product development and compounding know-how. Therefore, PENTAC has built a great and diverse portfolio, enabling us to develop and produce the best High-Performance-Compound for your application.



PENTAC covers a broad variety of characteristics profiles through a diverse range of High-Performance base polymers. Our polyamide 4.6 product family (AHT) allows for compounds with much higher melting points, as well as higher crystallinity and faster crystallization rates when compared to PA-6 and PA-6.6. Our PPA product range (AHT1 and AHT2) is perfectly closing the gap between PA-6 & PA-6.6 and expensive high-performance polymers.

Through the blending of PA-6.6+PPA (AHS) we achieve an excellent combination of both polymer properties, closing the gap between PPA and classic engineering plastics. 


Advantages by the use of High-Performance-Compounds

Due to their high melting point, crystallinity and crystallization rate, High-Performance-Compounds are a perfect fit for applications in which temperature, oil resistance, chemical resistance and low friction, as well as fatigue behavior are essential. Furthermore, regarding the PPAs, an excellent dimensional-stability is given because of the extremely slow water absorbance when compared to usual polyamides.

  • Semi-crystalline
  • Tough
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Very low humidity absorption for PPAs
  • Chemical resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Insulating
  • Metal substitution
  • Closing the gap between PA-6, PA-6.6 and high-performance polymers
  • Combination of technical- and high-perrformance polymers


Applicatios for High-Performance-Compounds

  • Pump components
  • Components in the oil circuit
  • Valves
  • Connectors
  • Headlights lamp housing
  • Water-pumping components
  • Gears
  • Bushings
  • Bearings
  • Functional carrier
  • Gearbox
  • Fan wheels
  • Steering lock housing
  • Slides
  • Glide stem


  • PENTAMID AHS = polyamide 6.6 + PPA
  • PENTAMID AHT = polyamide 4.6

Brochure HP-Compounds   

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