PENTAC Polymer GmbH develops and manufactures tailor made products since more than 25 years. Our customers always comes first, benefiting from tailor made products crafted from our broad experience in high end compounds. Our materials fulfill all the requirements of a steadily challenging market.



ReCompunds (Recycled Compounds) are specially reprocessing products (containing post industrial recyclates) that are brought up close to the level of virgin grade compounds by the addition of reinforcing materials, chemical stabiliziers and additives. Our ReCompounds stand out for their high quality and convince our customers with their low cost and enormous CO2 savings when compared to virgin grades. The utilization of sustainable products and the thoughtful handling of valuable and limited raw materials is one of the main concerns of the plastics processing industry today. Our formulation meets the combined customer demands for more ecological and economical engineering compounds.


ReCOMPOUNDS product portfolio

PENTAC Polymer offers a broad, sustainable and environmentally friendly range of products based on ReCompounds, partially made up by valuable post-industrial recyclates like PA-6, PA-6.6, PA-6.6+6, PA-4.6, PPA, PA-6.6+PPA, PA-6+ABS, PA-6+PP and PA-6.6+PP. The tremendous increase to almost virgin material properties is finally achieved by the addition of glass fiber reinforcements, chemical stabilizers and additives.

Our diverse range of products based in ReCompounds enables countless applications in the automotive, electronics and building industry, as well as the sporting goods and leisure business.


Advantages by the use of ReCOMPOUNDS

Supported by the outstanding properties and many advantages our customer’s choice picking a ReCompound over a virgin grade material is simple:

  • CO2-savings
  • Low costs
  • High quality
  • Sustainable production raw materials
  • Wide processing window


ReCompound applications

  • Car manufacturing
  • Electrics and electronics
  • Building trade
  • Sporting goods and leisure industries
  • Furniture industry


Brochure ReCompounds

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