Weight reduction plays an important role in transportation and shipping as nowhere else. Lower mass that has to be moved means less fuel and energy consumption. This does not only reduce freight costs but also leads to lower CO2-emission and favorable environmental balance.

We, as PENTAC Polymer GmbH, follow three approaches to combine successful and mechanically excellent products with weight reduction.



In these compositions part of the polyamide is replaced by polypropylene. The positive properties of primary materials are complement to one another.

  • 7 - 10 % weight reduction versus pure polyamide
  • Excellent flow behaviour
  • Very good mechanical properties and good temperature stability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Reduced moisture absorption

Properties of engineering plastics based on polyamides can be improved by addition of other polymers, in order to match specific requirements. The palette of these alloys is steadily developed in cooperation with our customers according to market demands.

The PENTALLOY portfolio consists of different base polymers, creating blends that can be customized according to specific requirements.

Please use our product finder to find products suited to your applications or have a look at our brochure.

  • PENTALLOY BP = Polyamid 6 + PP
  • PENTALLOY AP = Polyamid 6.6 + PP


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Carbon fiber reinforced PENTAMID (PA)

Carbon fibers as highly effective reinforcement. The result is a cluster of PENTAMID materials with remarkable mechanical properties.

  • Up to 25 - 30 % weight advantage compared to conventional glass fiber reinforcements
  • Excellent stiffness for heavy duty construction components
  • Heat and electrical conductivity can be controlled by the amount of carbon fibers
  • Combination with other reinforcements allows exceptional new materials

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Reinforcement by hollow glass spheres

For isotropic mould shrinkage and excellent surface quality we recommend to make use of highly pressure resistant hollow glass spheres. They can be used in combination with glass fibers in reinforced PENTAMID and PENTALLOY grades.

  • Up to 25 % lighter parts with comparable mechanical properties
  • Existing tools can be used
  • Better cycle times possible

Please have a look at three representatives of this new product group: